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      Products>New Products

      DS-802A Hot & Cold Air-type Back Part Molding Machine

      DS-802A   Hot & Cold Air-type Back Part Molding Machine

      This machine is suitable for shaping and molding of the counter with hotmelt insert of man and lady shoes for lasting purpose.

      The man-machine interface design ensures easy operation.

      The cross-head projection light will ensure accurate positioning

      The adjustable pincer drop-down distance makes sure the upper suits the mold better and the upper, counter-heel, and lining join more smoothly.

      The adjustable heating temperature of hot aluminum die helps to soften upper rapidly.

      With the leading cycle refrigeration system, the temperature of the cold aluminum last may drop below -10oC.

      The upper die adopts air bag pressure design, which allows the upper die to fit the lower die better and guarantees long service life.

      The lower aluminum last may be customized according to the shape of different lasts to achieve best forming result.

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