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          产品展示 DASHUN
      Products>Molding machine series

      DS-623 Walled Sole Attaching Machine

      DS-623 Walled Sole Attaching Machine

      This machine is applicable for the adhesion and bonding of man and lady high-side and large-outsole shoes and sports shoes.

      The man-machine interface design ensures easy operation.

      The front and back pressure heads achieve automatic balance with the hydraulic connector to ensure uniform pressing force in the front and at the back.

      The foot press device may automatically adjust the deflection angle to ensure convenient pick-and-place of the shoes.

      The surrounding 12 independent pressure blocks are able to better fit the various types of shoe lasts.

      Each pressure block has its own oil cylinder action to ensure best bonding effect of the sides.

      The toe-in and toe-out may be automatically adjusted according to the shoe size

      Each action has pressure-adjusting function. There are a variety of bonding types available for different shoe types to ensure more secure bonding and prevent shoes from distortion.