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          产品展示 DASHUN
      Products>Molding machine series

      DS-403 Fully Automatic Pneumatic Heel Nailing Machine

      DS-403 Fully Automatic Pneumatic Heel Nailing Machine

      This machine is applicable for the heel nailing of all kinds of man and lady shoes.

      The pneumatic-hydraulic cylinder ensures steady pressure and secure pressing

      There are manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic heel nailing modes available for option.

      The nailing sequence and pore positions can be set.Various kinds of nail anvils can be selected.

      It has simple design with easy adjustment and replacement. It is equipped with several heel-pressing fixtures to mount different kinds of heels of any heights. There are fixed or swing heel-pressing fixtures available for attaching heels to shoes and high boots.

      The nail box has 11 paths available for the nails or screws of the length between 10-25mm. It is able to automatically complete nail categorizing, positioning, and feeding accurately.

      The safety protection device designed on the nail feeding plate ensures safety and reliability.

      There are nail anvils of different specifications for easy change. The unique diagonal nailing design is able to avoid penetrating but secure the heel with nails.