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      ¡¡ ¡¡ About Us
      Company brief

          As the only enterprise rising together with Wenzhou shoe industry in 1980s . Wenzhou Dashun
      Machinery Co.,Ltd.hasgrown up as a well-know manufacturer in shoe machinery industry in China. The
      products cover all production line of shoes processing with more than fifty kinds , which mainly include
      three series as molding machine series , shoe puff processing series , and insole processing series .?
      Dashun company engages tens of technologists of every specialty , and set up special research centre ,
      cooperating with the famous institutes as Chinese Shoe&Leather Industry Research Institu and National
      Shoes&Leather Machinery Quality Surveillance Centre in various ways . We have already finished
      multiple district-level scientific research projects successfully , and obtained more than thrity national
      With tens of years development and exploration .Dashun achieved modern management method , rich technical resources , superior production equipment and advanced workmanship . We have set up various advanced production platform and strict testing method.
      Dashun have set up sale and service center in more than twenty cities in CHINA , and domestic marketing network covers main shoe-making bases . And successively set up agency in more than ten countries such as India , Mexico , Vietnam , Argentina , Turkey , Iran , Colombia , etc .
      We were awarded many times as ¡°Reliability Enterprise in Product Quality¡±,¡±High Science & Technology Enterprise¡±,passed the ISO9001 And 2000 Approval for Quality Management System and CE Standard Authentication of European Union . We are also nominated by the National Standardization Center of leather & Shoe Making Machinery as the only enterprise in drafting industrial standards for ¡°Thermo Cementing &Folding Machine ¡°,¡±Band knife Splitting Machine¡± ,¡±pounding Machine¡±,¡±Insole Binding Machine¡±. In the year of 2006 , Dashun was nominated as ¡°National Level Scientific and Technological Demonstration Enterprise¡± by Chinese Leather & Shoe Trade Productivity Promotion Center .
      Dashun will keep the spirit of  ¡°Improving and growing with time¡±, and insist on the principle of ¡°Science And Technology Ensure Quality , Details Accomplish Perfection¡±, to make bedt quality and establish first-class enterprise .